Virginia / DC State Games
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Welcome Soccer Referees

Welcome State Games Referees


This website provides up-to-date information for the following competitions:

Virginia Youth Soccer Association State Cup Tournament

Virginia Youth Soccer Association Presidents Cup Tournament

USSF Region 1 Premier and Colonial Leagues



1. State Games are assigned by selected assignors in each area of the state based on their knowledge of local referees, fields, club personnel, etc. To find the assignor in your area go to

2.There is new guidance concerning what types of games qualify for upgrade and maintenance assessments.  Click ASSESSABLE GAME POLICY for details.


The VYSA State Cup tournament is the most important youth soccer competition in Virginia and Washington DC. It is VYSA policy that the best referees work the preliminary round games and the best of the best work the semifinal and final games. Younger teams play in the spring; older teams in the fall.

Important State Cup Documents:

  • RULES. VYSA uses a single-elimination “knockout” format to determine State Cup winners.  Therefore, with possible national championships at stake, referees must meticulously follow State Cup rules and procedures. Referees must have a copy of the STATE CUP REFEREE RULES at all games and must strictly enforce them.
  • RULES FOR TEAMS. Complete VYSA rules for the teams may be viewed at RULES FOR TEAMS
  • WEEKLY SCHEDULE. Your assignor will provide you with the schedule each week. The full schedule statewide will also be on the VYSA State Cup website,  The full schedule is official.
  • Field Locator.  Directions to all State Cup (and Presidents Cup) venues are at FIELDS.
  • Lightning Policy. Please enforce the lightning policy at Lightning Policy tab above. *****************************************************************************************************************


President's Cup is similar in format to State Cup -- a single-elimination, knockout, competition where winners in each age bracket advance to State, Regional, and National championships. The competition is open to all teams except State Cup champions.

Important President’s Cup Documents:

• RULES.. As a single-elimination tournament, strict enforcement of the rules is critical. Referees should have a copy of the rules for referees at every game. Download at PRESIDENT’S CUP RULES FOR REFEREES.
• RULES FOR TEAMS. Full President’s Cup rules are at
• Field Locator. VYSA State Cup website;


Region 1 Leagues consist of elite teams from US Youth Soccer Region 1, essentially the Northeast states. These teams travel longer distances for more competitive matches.

The format is league play with playoffs at the end of the season.  Because teams travel long distances, they often play two games in a day, with a break between, for example 10:00am and 2:00pm.  Officials are paid cash at the field, half by each team.

Important Region 1 League Documents

  • RULES.  Rules are at Colonial/Premier Rules for Referees.  Referees must be thoroughly familiar with Region 1 League rules and should have a copy of these rules with them at the field.
  • FULL RULES. Full rules, standings, etc. are at

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